Dog Training

dog demonstrating sit and stay commandLooking to improve your adult dog or puppy’s obedience skills? Our trainers offer one-on-one mini-sessions that are designed to be enjoyable and effective for your furry friend. In a relaxed and stimulating daycare setting, your pet will learn foundational commands and concepts one step at a time. By the end of the training, your dog will be proud to demonstrate their newfound abilities. Schedule by calling 419-496-4170.

Concepts and Pricing

Obedience training is offered as an add-on to Dog Daycare appointments. There are many dog training concepts to choose from.

Intro To Grooming
Perfect for puppies to become familiar with clippers, hair dryers, water spray, and other noises associated with grooming.
Sit Stay
Teaches your pet to sit and stay.
Come To Sit
Teaches your pet to come and sit forward.
Call To Heel
Teaches your pet to come and sit in the heel position.
Heel On Leash
Teaches your pet to walk on leash in your heel position.
Paws Up
Teaches your pet to put two paws up on many objects including car, table, couch, bed, and tub. Great for dogs needing assistance with hip issues and lifting into or onto.

Wait In Heel
Teaches your pet to wait for you to walk ahead, such as walking through a tight space or doorway.
Down Stay
Teaches your pet to lay down and stay.
Stand Stay
Teaches your pet to stand and stay.
Wait In Place
Teaches your pet to wait within a designated area, such as a rug or mat.
Take It, Drop It
Teaches your pet to take an item and drop it on command.
Jump Over/Through
Teaches your pet to jump over or through an object such as a hula hoop.
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