Our Groomers

  • Carrie Weiss

    Carrie Weiss’s love for animals developed as a young child. She grew up in a family of show breeders. Her earliest recollection of grooming was at the age of five, when she was taught to trim toe nails and do hygienic cuts on her own dogs. She was active in the dog 4-H program throughout school, and purchased her first show dog at the age of fourteen. “Spending so much time with dogs has helped me to develop an understanding for pet behavior, which has become instrumental in dog training and grooming.”, says owner Carrie Weiss. She began grooming professionally in 2000, and opened Barker Shop in 2007. “I am excited to see my lifelong dream coming true, and hope that I can pass my knowledge on to my children, who are as crazy about animals as I am!”, says Carrie. ” When you love what you do, it’s like you never really work a day in your life!”

  • Sonja Kalb

    Sonja Kalb became a part of Barker Shop staff in 2009 upon the approaching birth of her second grandchild. Her daughter, Barker Shop owner, Carrie Weiss, had approached her to help fill in during her maternity leave. “We have since enjoyed building her dream together into a business that can be passed on for generations to come.”, says Sonja Kalb. Sonja’s grooming experience started in the early 1980’s as she showed and raised dogs. She currently breeds and shows Pomeranians, and enjoys life in the country with horses, cats and chickens. “I have found in my grooming career that I enjoy long coated breeds most.”, says Sonja. “I feel that every pet deserves to feel and look like a champion!”

  • Terri Gott

    Terri’s love for dogs started at a young age, and she began dog training as a child in the 4-H program. Today she’s a training and grooming specialist at Barker Shop. At home, Terri raises, trains, and shows Australian Shepherds and currently attends advanced dog training classes with her dogs Ronan and Harley. Both dogs have earned titles in the Canine Good Citizen Advanced and Urban; have achieved titles in novice, intermediate and advanced tricks; and are both farm dog certified.
    Terri has fostered many puppies in her home as part of the pilot dog program; which raises puppies prior to formal seeing eye dog training. When Terri isn’t participating in dog sports, she enjoys painting and sewing.

Our Staff

  • Tang

    In loving memory of Tanqueray (Tang), 2004-2018. Although Tang’s color of choice was pink, her natural coat color is apricot. She loved relaxing at home with her Chinese Crested brother, Cash, and playing with her two human kids. Tang also enjoyed making appearances at Barker Shop events, nursing homes, schools and more. Tang was often featured in advertising as the pink poodle in Barker Shop’s logo, and is still considered one of the shop girls!

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