Whether your dog barks excessively, won’t come when called, knocks over the neighbor kids, tears up the furniture, or just needs a mind stimulating activity and some bonding time with its owner, Barker Shop has the class for you and your pet.  Personalized one-on-one classes are offered with flexible morning, afternoon, and evening appointments available.  All classes are customized to meet the pet family’s needs.  Whether your training goals are to prepare you and your pet to compete in an AKC dog training competition, or simply just to have a better mannered house pet, Barker Shop will customize your class to meet those goals for you and your family, in a personalized setting.  Dog training classes cost $250.00 plus tax (training kit included) for six week sessions.  Additional classes available upon request.  Call to speak with a pet trainer today! 419-496-4170.