We offer personalized one-on-one dog training classes specialized in meeting the needs of you and your pet. Six week classes are offered at $250, or can be purchased separately. Price includes training kit. Call 419.496.4170 for more information.


Here at Barker Shop, we are proud to offer a safe, loving environment for your pets’ spa experience. We have taken careful consideration in providing quality products and services provided by our loving staff. Our grooming staff specializes in all- breed dog and cat grooming including custom and creative hand scissoring and AKC standard cuts. Whether you are looking for trendy or traditional, our staff is ready to cater to your pets’ grooming needs.

Our affordable prices vary by breed and size, with a large selection of Ala Carte products and services to meet your pets’ hygiene needs.

Ala Carte Menu

In Addition to Bathing and Grooming Services

Pets Prone to Shedding
*Low Shed Treatment (Reduces Shedding up to 90% for 4 -6 weeks) $10 – $25
Pets Prone to Skin Conditions
*Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner (Dry and Flaky Skin) $5
Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner (red and irritated skin) $7-10
Medicated Shampoo and Conditioner (Severe Skin Bacteria and Fungus) $12 – $15
Mud Bath or Exfoliating Scrub $5
Pets Prone to Odor Issues
Deskunk Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray $17 – $20
Dirty Dog (Degreasing/Baking soda Shampoo Luxury Conditioner) $5
Pets Prone to Tangling and Matting
* Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner $4*
Hot Oil Treatment $5 – $11
Pets with White Fur
* Whitening Shampoo & Conditioner $7-$10
* Blueberry Shampoo & Conditioner $5
Pets with Flea Problems
* Flea Shampoo, conditioner and Flea Spray $11 – $15
Make it a package with a 30 day Guarantee..Advantix spot on treatment $20 – $30
Pets with Skin Allergies
Hypo-Allergenic Basic Shampoo & Conditioner $2
* Blueberry Shampoo & Conditioner $5
Stylish Pets
Creative Color Design $5 and up
Toe Nail Polish $10
Toe Nail Polish with Design $17
Spa Packages
* Blueberry Spa Treatment – Blueberry shampoo, conditioner and warm pore cleansing towel face wrap and cologne $10
Pawdicure (Pad soak and oil rub) $13
Extreme Spa Package $15
Monthly Ala Carte Savings bundle
Additional Ala Carte Services
Nail Trim $15
VIP Service $25
Nail Filing $13
Ear Cleaning $5
Tooth-brushing $7
External Anal Gland Excretion $5
Extra Handler $5 and Up
Groomer Instructional Class $60
Brush/Comb Out (appx. 15 min service)(for between bath/groom service) $15
4 Week Brush out $15 and Up

*Indicates All Nartural Products that will not wash off topical flea preventatives.

Prices vary by size, breed, and coat. For pricing or all other inquiries please call us at
(419) 496-4170 or visit us at 1260 East Main Street Ashland, OH 44805.

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